Catlett- Alphabetizando

Alphabetizando by Elizabeth Catlett

NENA WORLD initiated in Austin, TX in 2012 by a collective womyn who decided to resist imposed misogyny, whiteness, marginalization and violence upon communities of color by creating a virtual outlet of expression where we digest personal, communal, and global experiences through interviews, critical and reflective pieces, personal narratives, that often include music, photography, video, and art.

“Nena” is a blanket term meaning “girl” used in parts of Africa and much of Latin America. It also means “dear” in Swahili and “chica” in Puerto Rico. We see ourselves as part of a growing web of young womyn of color that are working towards strengthening a supporting network for personal narratives, decolonized culture, and a revolutionary existence. In NENA WORLD we celebrate our sisters and call out our oppressors.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Can anybody submit articles here that are in harmony with your goals for this online publication. I have one I’d like to submit for approval and publication regarding the recent “Sacred Sells” article.

  2. I am captivated by womyn. In motion to rant originality before a society who’s reality has become so destitute polluted by the rape of supremacy

  3. So I stumbled upon this blog while looking up info on Afro Latinos, which I must say is something that I do frequently…..I must say I am very intrigued to see this group of collaborators…Intelligent and attractive women, just for adding the little piece at the end about Michael Jackson Ballads I can def tell that Diane and I would be the best of friends….lol….I hope you guys keep this up and can’t wait to see where it takes you…BLESSings directamente desde el crew…(Negros Americanos)

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