Cesar Chavez: A Life Remembered


Diego Luna, Director of the new Cesar Chavez biopic, finally released a teaser trailer. Michael Peña plays the labor leader and America Ferrera, his wife. Dolores Huerta is portrayed by, Afrolatina, Rosario Dawson. It’s exciting to have people of color portray characters other than gangsters or maids in a mainstream Hollywood feature.

The significance of this film can be translated in many ways. One, the Chican@/ Mexican/ Mexican-American/ Latin@ community is excited to have a film that highlights a historic leader from our comunidadSecondly, a film by a Mexican national will presumedly be absent of racist stereotypes or lack of respect to the United Farm Worker movement. However, there were many sides to Cesar Chavez, as there were many consequences to his life’s work. Hopefully, the upcoming film set to release next Spring will meet a bit of all our expectations.


2 thoughts on “Cesar Chavez: A Life Remembered

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