Long Live the White Twerker!


Hot Boyz “Back that Azz Up” – The Black Southern  Millennial Anthem of our Youth (that and Smash Mouth “Hey Now, You’re An AllStar if you grew up in the ‘burbs)

ALL DR. SAKIS VIDEOS ( #diaspora by the way, notice how the white women in this video did not have to slap someone’s ass to get credibility as they were dancing *cough cough Miley and the teddy bear twerkers*)

“Ghetto Punta”- I became hip to this dance and music while looking for the Baile funk equivalent in the Americas. Like you know that woman has some tight abs!

I am sure everyone has seen Miley Cyrus’ disturbing attempt at twerking. If not, here it is, LOL. Outside of the respectability politics of twerking for the African American community at large, the commentary has been focused on the “wow” factor of Miley trying to twerk in the first place. It became apparent to me that America at large finally became interested in a dance that is centuries old, kind of like when everyone had Latin Dance fever (although considered initially taboo because of its perceived sensual movements) of the 1940’s. Twerking, is an Afro-Diasporic movement, that is usually part of a dance routine. Depending on where you are learning and practicing the dance in the Diaspora, your arms, waist, or lower back muscles can be used to the control the movement and vibration of your lower torso. The control of the abdomen and glut muscles and moreso the vibration of the fat on those muscles is best exercised by manipulating the right big toe in accordance with the circular motion of the right knee and calf muscle. Needless to say, the dance is a skill that not everyone can do. That does not mean that it is a skill that cannot be mastered.

Thus, I am dedicating this post to highlighting White twerkers who have overcome boundaries to master this dance. I know it took sweat, perseverance, and leaving their comfort zone (well, for some anyway). These individuals prove 2 things- A.) no one is born with twerking capabilities B.) we as a society should not accept mediocre twerking FROM ANYONE.

Big Freedia and The Divas- Big Freedia has not shyed away from hiring and bringing along twerkers from all walks of life. However Freedia does show preference to ones from NOLA.  Check out this video that was shot in her hood.

Afro-Latino Dance Music Video with No Afro-Latinos- Sometimes these women dance so hard that they make you think that maybe, just maybe, they are extremely light-skinned.

TinyDancer88- this young white male stunted the game on Youtube. He is just phenomenal!!!!

In all, white twerkers are real. They CAN dance well. Anyone of these people deserve the Juicy J “Best Twerker” college scholarship worth 50,000 USD. Maybe whoever wins will study twerking and get their BA in Dance, concentration in twerking. Who Knows?



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