Solidarity is for White Women


If you haven’t noticed, twitter is imploding with discussion on feminism, racism, and good ol’ hearted oppression olympics.

#solidarityisforwhitewomen is allowing women of color and white women to have a relatively open dialogue about their frustrations, assumptions, and outright confusion with what it means to be in solidarity. The hashtag was started by @Karnythia, after some deeply felt annoyance (so it seemed) with a white woman. After 16+ hours, the hashtag is still trending.

This discussion has sparked a range of responses.  Aside from the misogynistic or ignorant themed and the white supremacists whine, there are several common issues that WOC brought out, such as cultural appropriation and denial of racism. There are even men of color who declared they’re inspired to learn more, awwww. Who knows where the discussion will go from here, but if anything is for certain, #solidarityisforwhitewomen is affecting more than just white women. See for yourself.



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