Homeboy Sandman

Yall remember that nyc cypher video with das racist and blu? Yall remember that tall rapper with a yellow shirt, geekin’ the fuck out in the background? So cute. Yea, that’s Homeboy Sandman. Now he’s signed to Stone Throw Records and currently touring with Brother Ali. His fourth album, First of a Living Breed was just released on September 18.

Humble and heartfelt. Homeboy Sandman is from Queens.  You can listen to more of him if you buy his shit on itunes. I’m not gonna go on too much, because I think his lyrics speak for himself.  All I’ll say is I have a profound respect for someone who says what he says, out loud.

every man is not created equal, 
we’re all created mad different, some are bad people, the bald evil’s mad evil, place in you in the class C, feed your class people, check the cops, corresponding quarter sooner then the pack, think they’re tapping your computer, your computer is a tap, human traffickers want to track you, your computer is a map, forget whoever fingerprints, they got a mask, they got a mac every atlas on your jacks for getting jacked, every act on every bill and every law and every bill and every act, this game is run, so you they can run it where you at, they got it packed down down, packed you gotta give them that

now that was money that i never hadi was suppose to give it backthe keep statistics on the gifted young and blackthey put out statisticspeople read themacted like them be given factthat they’ve been given lean when they’ve been given fat

chemtrails d’amorearrest raise your rent and jailsgmo to monkeywrench in your end trailsall you see is shoppers save saleswheres the dough you sent to try to save whaleswell

that was took and added to money from the breast cancer walkwho knows what’s the answer to what it boughtthe grief which what you ever wrought was off and oughtits too high costs trying to save the orphans just to keep them off the lawn

the war on drugs been going on for awful longfolks married to the game instead of dating off and onbut there’s no poppy fields in harlem look around for some reason all the brown niños turned to nino brown

we used to beat on bush but now he’s not aroundso people found a different bush to beat aroundfavorite noise are boys in blue kapowyou’re bound to catch around, you’re almost luck when they only beat you down

tight girls straighten out their tight curlseverybody wants to be a skinny white girlcause all you see is skinny white girls, though black girls are allowed if they getting loud or if they gettin plowedkeep em from being proud its easyeasy to keep em downkeep em drownin in doubtkeep em down and outflava flav or chuck to chuck dyou can say that black is ugly long as you saw it round about

it’s not the type of ish, with which to clown aroundrap to them about cap and powinstead of cap and gownstell them they’re buggin out if they don’t get aroundit’ll bug them out too much to wrap their head around

release the houndshow? create an enemy to hate by then it won’t be tough by then they hate themselves so much they couldn’t waitthey’ll drown in booze that wish they couldn’t take and that’ll make them slavesand then we cut their pay and length of daysprovide the drugs that medicatecut their medicaidand institute a military stateprovide israel with military aid just to rub in they facethey’ll be afraid because they don’t have any faiththey’ll claim that they believebut that is not how they behaveas money comes to power over power thats divine, they will all turn into cowards cause they all afraid to die

they’ll never form an alliancethey’ll be content to live a lieas long as they’re alivethe sirs and madams will surmise thats its on us which they relythey’ll never realizethat we rely on themat any moment they decidethey can make it endinstead just makes some endscause life is hopelesstimes are hardkeep your focus on religion so they never look for god


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