La Mierda Gentrifiers Say: “Sketch”


... they forgot to say raise property taxes…

As everyone hustles to find housing in Yahoo declared top ten cities to live in for young singles- I figured this post would guide some in the right direction. Last year while frantically looking for an apartment to live in on the Eastside of Austin, TX- my realtor warned me against ‘sketch’ areas that seem nice…

‘Sketch’- is realtor slang for “I really can’t guarantee your safety, although it seems safe at night and there are a couple of restaurants near by and a bike lane” it is also synonymous with ” a lot of people of color walk on the sidewalks at night, and although they smile at you- I would still be afraid if i were you.

Initially, I thought ‘sketch’ meant like some post apocalyptic cyberpunk crime type stuff- or late 1970’s South Bronx urban decay. From my experience in Austin, ‘sketch’ now translates to perfect for my budget!!! So folks, go to those neighborhoods yourself, say hi to your potential neighbors- and maybe an old black man is walking at night because he wants to lower his blood pressure or something..



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