Lessons from the underground #1


Fundamental fuck up,  but I’m not going to accept it. My failures, my losses, my lack of drive. I’ll consider it more “learning experiences” from my mistakes. I find everything unfair and uncivilized. Their society, we sustain. Nothing is just. Our economic system, our cities, our legal system, and even our homes. Did I mention our schools? That institution is most of all corrupt and because of it we have robots as scientists. I don’t mean to be bitter. I’m not bitter, I’m disappointed and trapped. I beg of you, my fellow and future human beings. Read all the books that are banned, hold another’s hand and cry if you’re sad. Laugh if you’re happy. I hope you can still be happy. This world is vicious and cruel and not tailored for critique. Those who have a conscience have the most difficult time living amongst the ignorant. That’s why dogs do so well as companions. I don’t know what to tell you because I don’t who what to do myself. I’ve tried a long time to do what is “right.” To help, to donate, to give my time and energy into processes that inevitably perpetuate inequality. All I want to do is continue learning and loving. Experiencing to understand what is confusing and uncomfortable. History, philosophy, art, music, science, the list continues. A career is a joke. Your mind is all you have to protect. Cherish it. I say all this knowing I live in a capitalist, sexist, racist world plagued by war. I’m forced to maneuver it. To trick people into letting me into their spaces to survive. I drink iced americanos and enjoy listening to records. I’m privileged, I’m educated and I’m desperate. If we don’t understand ourselves, we’ll never move forward. We’ll only move backwards into societies less tolerant. Although politically, conservative values have maintained control of our government. Social realities cannot be ignored. Their traditions and technology have us believing in “progress,” they’re lying. Honor Mother Earth. This land was stolen anyways, steal it back. The path ahead involves autonomous spaces, an end to the death penalty, and advanced math and science education for everyone. All museums are free and there are no leaders, only freedom.  – Maribel Falcón 


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