Mosquita Y Mari: At Last, A Mirror On The Screen

Mosquita Y Mari (2012) is a triumph for our community. Written and directed by xicana Aurora Guerrero, this film is a colorful narration as liberating as a breath of fresh air after a sweat lodge. It felt ceremonial to let the tears roll as our hearts grew heavy in front of the screen. It felt as if a long lost sister held your hand and walked you through mutual secrets of pain and beauty through shots of moving long black hair, smooth brown skin, glowing smiles in the sun and smog, and natural use of spanglish.

Aurora Guerrero should be praised for making it a film about two queer young womyn dealing with love rather than sex. Their daily battles are different but they are bounded by an empathy and support they find in each other. Through their exchanged gaze they find beauty in an often-hostile environment charged with the urgency of survival. Precious secrets are discovered in their relationship that the rest of the world doesn’t always deserve to know but are the very fruit of life; like shared moments with a lover on a tranquil evening or under a dim light. A hot soundtrack including L.A. natives, La Santa Cecilia and Tecate artist, Carla Morrison made it all the more authentic and celebratory of community genius.

We sat feeling stopped in our tracks as the credits came to an end thinking “Finally! And thank you Aurora!” A tender and healing depiction of two brown teens now exists. Mosquita Y Mari suspends you in the quietest and most intimate moments and can steal your breath in the most subtle ways.

“Mosquita Y Mari. Fuck the rest.” – La Mari

– Arlene Mejorado


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