SpaceGhostPurrp “Tha Black God(desses)”


I don’t know when that single or video will come out, but SpaceGhostPurrp just released a video for his single “Tha Black God” of his latest mixtape God of Black Vol. 1– which features a host of other artists from his Raider Klan movement. This single should also be re-released on his label (4AD, yas girl I really see these indie labels all up on the Black alternative stylingz)  debut album Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp. I love SpaceGhostPurrp because he’s different, brilliant, and willing to shake up even the alternative establishment. However, his video seems a little atypical- granted not too many loosly dressed womyn, but it was kind of basic, reminded me of Nas “If I Ruled the World” joint.  So, to make sure he stays in a true manner of “God of Black” – I sent him a little facebook message critiquing his last video


Diane E. to SpaceGhostPurrp

“Dear Spaceghost,

As a devout fan that uses your work in academia ( no seriously, ive been writing about challenging academic constructs of blackness today using your last mixtape) I want to say thank you. I also want to encourage you to use darker women to solidfy your dark aka blec movement. How revolutionary would it be to feature dark woman actually black goddesses in your next video- and I mean dark, like blec like from all over Black dominicans, Black women from the south, Black Brazilians, Black Nigerians- FORRREAL ok I love you brother take care keep doing what you do. you are a trailblazer. my favorite rapper out right now!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo diane”


Will this work? Probably Not! I sure hope so because he claims he is a man of the people- and as a professed supporter of the Raider Klan movement its only natural that I believe he will do so. In all seriousness, the recoding of the Black movement is my shit. Using Blackness, or the “Other” to facilitate a critique on the current state of art, culture, politics, etc is a movement toward liberation in my brain- so, my dude is doin’ it! Let’s hope others continue on this trail.


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